[IE] Refreshing/Reloading an image from disk

Hello there,

I’ll try to explain how does the app works and what the current problem is.

The app is a simulator that displays an image loaded from disk. The thing is that if we change the picture to another one while the app is being executed it refreshes in Chrome and FF. However, it won’t refresh in IE. We believe this is something about the browser itself related to how the cache works in IE. Nevertheless, we don’t know if this is the real problem or how to fix it.

I’ll put an example to clarify what the problem is.

  1. We log in into the app and it displays the image X00 loaded from disk.
  2. We then delete this image and insert anther one with the name X00.
  3. We refresh the page in Chrome/FF and it displays the new image. In IE it doesn’t refresh the image.

The image is an embedded element and its a component of an absolute layout.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried clearing your Browser Cache in IE?

We wanted an approach that relies on the server side(code) instead of the client side.

Anyways, thanks for answering and will try this ASAP, so if it works at least we have something.

If anyone has another idea/possible solution, please feel free to post it.

Thanks in advance.

“Unfortunately” you can’t force a browser to clear his cache but what you could do is add some kind of versioniong to your images or just generally change the url of the newer ones.
so when the old image was /image.png the new one could be /image.png?v=2