IE Problem: Drag and Drop

i am using two tables in drop mode and dropping beans from the one table to the other.
It’s work fine in Firefox, but not in IE8.

I test the vaadin sample in IE8 for drag and drop ( and its doesn’t really works, too.
If you try to drag a row from the table you mark the text in this row but didn’t drag. You can try it in your sample.

I use IE Version 8.0.7600.16385



This looks like a regression since 6.4.3 release forward. One can somehow grab it if some text is selected (usually on the second try). But the text selection should definitely be prevented when rows can be dragged.

I created a ticket about it:


Interesting because we just got this bug report for our application today.

I noted that if I RIGHT CLICK on a row in the Table in IE8, then it will let me LEFT CLICK to begin a drag. But it is VERY hard to get a handle on the row in IE8 only. Looking forward to the fix.


I fixed the issue right away so you could try with the latest nightly (only fix since 6.6.0). IMO it was rather bad issue to be forgotten into our backlog. Even though I don’t want to know anybody who still uses IE nowadays :slight_smile: