IE has different display behavior with Chrom or Fixfox for Valo Demo

Dear all,

Following url is the Valo demo writen by Vaadin team teamate. Obviously, it show different display , e.g. button between IE and Chrom or Firefox. Seems IE lose all the beautiful theme. I am using IE8.0!common

Any one has any idea, how to configure or coding, to make IE show as beatufiful as Chrom or Firefox?

Any body has any idea?

Unfortunately there is no easy solution here. Valo was designed from the very beginning with progressive enhancement in mind, to take advantage of CSS features newer browsers offer. IE8 unfortunately doesn’t offer much to work with.

The only option is to use bitmap background images to mimick some of the features. Then there are some JavaScript libraries which try to render some CSS features using various techniques, but those are usually really bad for performance, and I would not advice you to use those.