IE double click - select all problem

Hello everyone,
I am facing a problem related to IE 8 (interestingly it does not happen in IE 7). When double clicking a row of a table that happens to have text right at the point of double-clicking evertything gets selected.

The bahavior can be seen in vaadin demo,

when double-clicking a firstname or lastname.

Right now i’m solving the problem by using the following dirty code,

var someText = document.getElementById('some_id_in document');
//or with jquery the line below
//var someText = $(...some element to select..).get(0);

        var dummyRange = document.body.createTextRange();

Well I understand that it’s hard to get it right in IEs :slight_smile: but If anyone has seen this and/or has any idea of how to avoid it, i would really appreciate the help.