IE 10 Number format exception

Hi all,

I am using Vaadin 6.8.5 and i encountered with a compatabilty problem between vaadin 6.8.5 and IE(Internet Explorer) 10.

I searched internet and i discovered that the problem is because of a number format exception of IE 10.I digged in code and i saw that there is a peice of code like below in the vaadin 6.8.5 source code.

WebBrowser browser = getApplicationContext(request.getSession())
if (browser.isIE()) {
String content = “chrome=1”;
if (browser.getBrowserMajorVersion() == 10) {
t // Tell IE10 to emulate IE9 until IE10 is properly supported
// (#9462, #9214)
content = “IE=9; " + content;
// Chrome frame in all versions of IE (only if Chrome frame is
// installed)
page.write(”<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content=""
+ content + “"/>\n”);

I assume this code is being used to deal with the compatibility problem for IE10,however the check below returns false although the browser being used is IE

if (browser.isIE())

So that i am trying to understand why browser.isIE() returns false.Is there a configuration in IE that should be enabled?

Thanks & Regards

Please use Vaadin 6.8.12 and try again. The IE10 problem has been adressed recently.