I'd like to build a modern web app using Java. Based on my experience, what

The goal of this is to learn more Java and incrhttps://facebooklite.vip/ease my knowledge of it.

I’m thinking that maybe I will build a profile page with my skillsets, things about me, projects I’ve worked on. Although I literally know nothing about it, I hear a lot of people talk about JSF2 w/ Primefaces. It might be overkill for such a simple project, but I want to explore something new for web apps.

Here’s my exposure to Java:

Beginning Java, inheritance, abstraction, basic design patterns (MVC) and other basic programming stuff.

Networking, I built a networked checkers game.https://cleanmaster.me/

JSP & Servlets. I created an Apache web application that went out to a 3rd party site, screenscraped a whole bunch of data, and then compiled it into a text document that could be downloaded from the server. I’ve heard that working with JSP kind’ve sucks these days compared to newer better technologies. So I’d like to try to learn something else.

Android programming.

Things I hear a lot about but don’t have familiarity with:

Struts, Maven, SpringMVC, Spring, Hibernate.

I’d like to go with a technology to build this that is used pretty frequently in the industry (so preferably avoiding super new not very well tested frameworks).
I can pick up some HTML & CSS for this no problem. I’ll run through the tutorials on Codeacademy or similar to pick up this knowledge.

Let me know what your thoughts are!