Icons in captions of RadioButtonGroup in column of Grid

I added RadioButtonGroup within grid cell (addComponentColumn).
How can I show icons in the captions to the items of the RadioButtonGroup ?
setItemCaptionGenerator(VaadinIcons.DOLLAR) doesn’t work.

setItemCaptionGenerator(…) sets the item of the caption there is also setItemIconGenerator(…) which sets an icon for an item: https://vaadin.com/download/release/8.4/8.4.5/docs/api/com/vaadin/ui/RadioButtonGroup.html#setItemIconGenerator-com.vaadin.ui.IconGenerator-

Note, RadioButtonGroup in Grid cells sounds complex and heavy design. If this kind of pattern is used in excess, it will result messy and cluttered UX (too much controls in single view) and bad rendering performance (more components, and more complex layout there is, more burden there is for Browser to render)

Thank you. I need to mix icon with some text in the caption of radio button. How can I do it ?

You should be able to use both item icon and item caption generator at the same time.

Thank you ! I will try it.