Icon rendering in Label


I have following problem. Label icon is not displayed when component is added into more complex component tree.
I know - it seems weird, however, for test I`ve created two identical labels with icons.
The first one has been added direct onto VerticalLayout, that is Window content. The second is child component in complex tree:
VerticalLayout → AbsoluteLayout → VerticalLayout → Label

And in this case problem is that Icon is not rendered. I mean that there is no in
tag for that label.

This is HTML that is generated for working first label:

<div class="v-widget v-has-caption v-caption-on-top v-has-width" style="width: 100%;">
<div class="v-caption" id="gwt-uid-4" for="gwt-uid-5">
<img alt="" class="v-icon" src="<correct_application_address>/APP/connector/0/2/icon/126.jpg">
<div class="v-label v-widget v-has-width" id="gwt-uid-5" aria-labelledby="gwt-uid-4" style="width: 100%;">TEST</div></div>

And this is in case of not working label icon:


[/code]As we can see Vaadin includes [i] v-panel-nocaption [/i] DIV insted of correct [i] v-caption. [/i]

Both labes are result of same very simple Java code:

            FileResource fileResource = new FileResource(new File("C:\\images\\126.jpg"));
            Label label = new Label();

I am using Vaadin 7.1.2.

I would appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Dear Greg,

is it still broken in Vaadin 7.5.8 ?

It would be nice if you could use your code that reproduces the problem, and if it is still there in 7.5.8
please report this bug in our Trac at https://dev.vaadin.com/ .

Your help is much appreciated!

Best Regards,

Thank you for your response Enver,

in fact problem has desappeared after upgrading project to Vaadin 7.5.8.
I am not sure what was wrong, but as now all is ok, I don`t suppose problem is worth investigating.

We can close ticket.