Icon in tableheader with link behind it

Hey Guys,

any of you ever tried something like this?

Basically I want an icon in the header of my table (easy peasy: table.setColumnIcon(columnPropertyId, icon); )

However, I want it set up so that clicking on this icon invokes opening a new page to another website.

Is this doable without using the headerclickevent?


If the table column sizes are fixed, you can fake it by using
fake headers

I can’t think of any other way around.

Hello Mathias,

thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately the column sizes aren’t fixed :frowning:

Furthermore, I’m getting the feeling that this won’t even be possible when using the HeaderClickEvent…

Again, any suggestions?

Just bumping this question once more…

Maybe you can use the same technique as in this

It’s more or less what I did as a workaround.
I now just put a link as a header-text and add an icon to it.