iBatis + Derby + Vaadin


I’m trying to write a simple application that will use the above mentioned technologies. Are there any examples of how to implement iBatis with Vaadin?
I’ve searched all over the internet, but cannot find anything. Any help or examples would be greatly appreciated.


I haven’t used iBatis myself but I’ve had a look on their tutorials etc. I’d recommend the same as what I would recommend with any database system. Keep your business logic and UI code completely separate - so far that you could control the whole application from a console if you’d have to. This way it doesn’t matter which UI library you use, in theory you could switch when ever you want.

One place where you probably have to bind the two sides together, however, are with the containers in Vaadin. Vaadin uses containers (IndexedContainer, HierarcialContainer, BeanItemContainer) to show data inside Vaadin fields (Table, Select, Tree etc.). To build those you’ll only need a List or Set of the objects from the businesslogic side that you want to show in the fields. Usually you only need a front controller which would be the glue between an UI class and the businesslogic.