i18n and better handling of BFRM? :-)

A bit of humorous seriousness. :slight_smile:

What is “BFRM” you say? It is
“Big F Red Message”
that usually happens once server side has been updated, saying “Communication Error, click here to continue”. This extremely very big red splat simply knocks-out middle-age users, making them generate full pants of scare and in some specific cases developers might be responsible for somebody’s heart attack, while all you have to do is just refresh a screen. :slight_smile:

Now… I am thinking what can we do here and how we can control that and talk to user
? In particular, I am very interested in:

  1. Inte…zzz…tion (I want that in a local language and put something more meaningful there).
  2. Make it five or ten times smaller and much less red (exploding user’s monitor feature can be also turned off for now).
  3. To a geek “communication failure” means “your JSON is outdated”, but to the old man in his 60ies it means “Your Telecom just cut your wired phone, your TV, your CD/DVD and also you’re now deaf”. :slight_smile: So I would like to make this part customizable. If we made a system for older people, “Communication Failure” makes them trembling, like a little rabbits. But “Please refresh your screen” might still help.
  4. Maybe make it totally automated, like “An issue occurred, we’re trying to resolve, please wait…” (and then simply refresh the screen, then check if everything foobar and finally either shut up or give up by saying “Sorry, something really-really wrong”) etc. However, this would involve some specific handling, so maybe this one not for now at least.

Any thoughts here?

As for style, you can change it via CSS, rules:

.v-Notification system

Check FireBug or other DOM inspector for details :wink:

I also believe it would be great to be able to customize messages’ text, including handling those nasty stacktraces and JSON errors - sending them to some server-side loggers if the connection is alive etc. User would only see some short “Aw, snap!” message :wink:

Exactly. I remember, I forgot to turn off devmode and one older man had a chance to mouse-over the exclamation mark… Uuuuuhhhhhh!.. I loved the reaction and learned that some people never get older physically and emotionally! :slight_smile: While devmode will remove tracebacks, still error screen is too red, too big, too scary, too many information and all that info are for IT guys only, actually.

I run my Vaadin apps on a 4m x 3m screen in front of a couple hundred persons. Guess what, the BFRM has been made grey, smaller, and with far more innocuous language (something like “Back in a moment”.) If memory serves me well, I posted a i18n version of the system messages based on standard resource bundles (aka .properties files) somewhere in this forum a while back.