I would really appreciate a little help with my terminal-driven project!

Here are some slides to show you how the project works in java, but a recording is attached too, and here is code that is a few days old

I found Vaadin. I tried following the 2-hour contact/company guide, and I tried to shape the project to fit my project but couldn’t, although I was reminded of the little html I know.

I used Vaadin to start a new project. A recording is attached as well as the slides here to show you what I tried, to translate my terminal-driven project to the web.

Ideally, you can either offer me a bit of advice or help me for a little bit of time, occasionally, so I can get to the point where I know how to do things myself, because the terminal driven project uses repetitive coding practice (menu’s, parsing input, and looping through objects searching for certain values)

  • The first thing I would like to know how to do is initialize a List of Rooms, as I sort of did. I am not using a Service or Repository because I don’t know what those things are. Any help?

  • Last, I would like to know how to query the rooms. I’m not sure if there is a proper way to do this, and I bet you know.

Thanks, Renzo.

would appreciate maybe 15 to 30 minutes of help!

day 2 seeking someone’s intervention.

According to the screenshots, you must build a terminal-based application.
Vaadin is a web application framework .