I think BeanValidationBinder has a bug

Hello everyone,

I think I found a bug or at least inconsistent part in the vaadin API.

I’m using the BeanValidationBinder to bind my forms to my beans.

This below code works and also shows the Validation Label correctly:


This other code however DOES NOT WORK correctly, because the validation label doesn’t appear at all: (compiling and displaying the form works)


The thing is: this last line of code (which is not working) is exactly the way how the binding and validation is described in the vaadin documentation (Vaadin 13 → Binding data to components → validating and converting user input)

Why is it not possible to bind and add the validation label in one line?

I know that I use a different binder, but the documentation says that BeanValidationBinder extends binder and uses the same API.

Note: Using Task::getStrTaskName and Task::setStrTaskName instead of “strTaskName” in the bind method does not fix the problem.

The help in this forum is … really helpful!

If you can create a small reproducible example of the bug, you should submit a GitHub ticket; that way it has a chance of getting fixed. Forum messages tend to get overlooked from time to time, and lost to the mists of time…