I am busy porting PolymerTemplates to LitTemplates and am stuck on how to properly use properties.

I have a Java boolean field with getters and setters and need to use this field on the LitElement.
The automatic translation tool created code in the LitElement that looks like:
? html<div class="row">The shopping cart is empty.</div>
: html``}
but this does not work with the field orderEmpty in Java.
Is there an example of using such properties somewhere in the documentation or elsewhere?

Can you show how the property is defined in the lit template and the Java file?

Is your question related to this Template-based Components | Templates | Creating UI | Vaadin Docs

Yes, this is exactly what I am using. The documentation does not cover how to define and use properties, and the Polymer to Lit automatic translation tool resultant code does not work - how do I define this.orderEmpty?

Check the answer I posted there

Thx Tatu. I am working on Javascript but managed to work it out eventually. A simple example of this in the documentation would go a very long way. It’s really a step down from Polymer I think. Also, I would have thought it is easy to simply create an annotation much like @Id for components and have the code generator do the magic for properties. That way Pojo fields can easily become generated properties in Javascript.