HTML5 web workers & vaadin

Hi Vaadin Experts,

I am trying to understand how HTML5 web workers are relevant to the vaadin architecture. If it is what are some ways vaadin will use this in the future, if its not is it because vaadin is mainly a server side framework and most work is done on the server?


There is nothing that prevents use of web workers in Vaadin add-on widgets for - say - rendering of complex visualizations. Aside from Vaadin add-on components, workers are probably not that relevant as the processing is done in the server.

One should note that Vaadin aims to support many common browsers, including quite old versions. A very large part of the browsers (browser versions) in use do not support HTML5.

While there could be optional functionality using HTML5 features (such and dropping files to a Vaadin application), the most central parts probably won’t depend on such for some years to come.

I wonder if this post is outdated. Is anybody in 2014 going to support old, non-html5 browsers?

Web workers seem to be a big feature to keep modern UI resposive, and allow for better load and runtime behavior.

While Vaadin’s abstraction of websockets helps out a great deal, I think web workers are also very important.

If this wishes the customer: Yes of course!

…and also:
Vaadin 7.x versions will still suppurt relatively old, non-html5 browsers like IE8 so there will probably be no html5 web worker support directly in Vaadin 7.
If you look at Vaadin 8 though (
Vaadin Roadmap
) they plan to use more features coming with html5 but which exactly is still not defined as far as i know.
…but as Joonas said 5 years ago there is still the possibility to implement it yourself as an add-on and if you look in the directory you can see that add-ons got quite popular for functionality which won’t or can’t be included in “vanilla” vaadin.