HTML5/Javascript as the choice for UI - Can Vaadin go native?

So it seems HTML5/Javscript will be the choice for cross-platform apps.

Hybrids like Adobe AIR and PhoneGap are making this more than just browser-limited too. They are freeing up access to native OS using HTML5/Js.

Windows 8 I believe will support HTML5/Javascript “native” apps.

Where is all this leading?

Can Vaadin be made to package the client code so it can be installed on the client? (and be told where its server is - since it is loaded locally)

Even more difficult - can enough client code be generated to make the app run offline on the client? Connecting to the server where possible and gracefully degrading when the server cannot be reached.

This is what I want - enterprise client spanning desktop, laptop, slate,tablet , smart phone. Written in Vaadin but deployable to all of the above - sometimes just as a browser, other times installed client - able to adjust to environment (screen res, touch capabilites, offline support etc).

I know I dont want much :slight_smile: I think GWT can possibly do this but the server integration is too clunky for my liking.


In your standalone client you can embed a simple webserver like jetty and connect to the correct (web)services/databases depending your needs

thanks for the response - it is an interesting idea

thanks for the response - it is an interesting idea