HTML5 Canvas interaction with the server

I want to integrate my HTML5 application to Vaadin but fail to do so. Does Vaadin work with HTML5 canvas?

Basically the application consists of an HTML5 canvas that allows the user to click on rectangles that are displayed. I need to capture the mouseclick event and send it to the Vaadin server.

How can I integrate the application to Vaadin and offer some basic interaction?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think the
CanvasWidget add-on
might be something you’re looking for.

Vaadin works perfectly with HTML5.

I wrote a simple
canvas wrapper
some time ago. It also supports some mouse events. If you already have a working client-side app you probably don’t want to rewrite it using the addon, but perhaps the source is useful in figuring out how to get the events you need to the server.


thanks for pointing me to the Canvas Widget.
Right now I’m trying to get my application to work with this widget.

One problem I am unable to solve right now is the usage of Scrollpanes.

My application draws on a large canvas and requires scrollpanes to see the whole content. Currently I am using the jQuery Plugin jScrollPane to show a scrollpane.

Does anyone know how to display the canvas widget within a scrollpane?