HTML Table

What’s the reason that there are HTML components like H1 but no Table?

My sophisticated guess is: dropped when a release date has been fixed, then buried under more critical tasks.

I have missed that several times as well. Then I have been using project specific impl, Html table directory component and lately its shadowed version from Viritin. We should probably just create a PR :nerd_face:

Did you Simon find an enhancement issue to add Table, Td, Tr et co? I tried to search one, but didn’t.


There is no issue about table etc in flow - I’ve implemented some of the html components years ago in flow I needed for my Apps, table wasn’t one of those :sweat_smile: I also think it’s missing because of the possible complexity compared to e.g. H1. The same holds true for a native select (I wanted to implement one in the past but gave up after some digging)

Table (et al) shouldn’t be that difficult as it is pure read only (compared to select element).

I created an issue: Add html table component et al · Issue #15475 · vaadin/flow · GitHub

Now I want Dataprovider support for the native table! :nerd_face: Joke

@quirky-zebra And you also want it for UnorderedList and OrdererdList :wink:

Don’t get me tempted :shushing_face:

Isn’t it strange that table is missing and all other (as far as I can see) HTML standard components are there?

The implemention was kinda selective I suppose. Providing a feature rich implements of a table could result in less usage of Grid. Good reminder… I would suggest to name the component “NativeTable” instead of “Table” so that people aren’t confused… and the name is reserved / never to be changed… allowing to create a flow-components Table later on the road. See history with “Label” and v8 Migrations…

I see. There is already NativeButton

That feels very strange

Not the NativeButton but to have some components in package com.vaadin.flow.component.html with Prefix Native and some without

Something to consider indeed, did you add the comment to the ticket already?


If it’s only html tag, it’s a bit useless and if you’re starting to create a table with a lot of cells ( with a dataprovider) then the performance will start to be bad.

I think Nativebutton is a good name because it’s hard to find so nobody is using it and use the Vaadin button instead :disguised_face: