HTML + Javascript

We currently have an application that has been developped using Vaadin. Up until recently, we have not had very complex screens to develop, so all our current screens use vaadin ui elements. So now we have a screen that will be javascript heavy and we will be doing calls to the server. Are there any examples on how I can create an html page (using bootstrap), use javascript and call the server? All I see are partial snippets. I don’t know what the structure should be. Would be great if there was an example project that I can download. I see a Tic Tac Toe example in the sampler, but the source code doesn’t really help…

Thank you!

I didn’t quite understand sorry about that. Can you explain in more detail. Do you want to integrate some Vaadin app into an HTML page or do you want the HTML page to live inside a Vaadin app somehow?

I would like to have an html page inside the vaadin app. Do I need to create a custom component? I would have a javascript library driving the screen and communicating with the backend.

If you have carefully evaluated the use case and are sure, that the core Vaadin components and add-ons from Directory don’t suffice.

I have a one JavaScript add-on in github, that you could take a look at

. Docs talk about JS integration

Thanks! If I need to do a custom html page, I need to inject the html using javascript? Is that the only way?

You could use a CustomLayout and include your javascript there too.