Html data of NativeSelect

I have a NativeSelect components, and I would like to add html format data in it. For example: hello vaadin </ b>, how can I set this NativeSelect components to make the entry into force of html formatted data!


Even if there was a way to enable Vaadin to put HTML content inside the NativeSelect, browsers will disregard such additional elements and render only the text content. The select element will not render any formatting you place inside it. I think Firefox might render some HTML inside the select, but at least Safari and Chrome won’t.

Text color was the only thing I was able to modify, and that was through CSS and not with HTML elements.

There’s clearly a need for a custom select component where you could set an item style generator and style the individual items arbitrarily. The current ComboBox is quite close, but it doesn’t have the any item style generator.

A similar version of the ListSelect would be in order, as well.