Html captions in Tree nodes


I am trying to create an extension for Tree in order to allow raw HTML in tree node captions. I don’t really know where to start!

I have checkd this article but doesn’t give me a clue about how to go:

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you,

I could really use some help here!

Not sure if this helps any more but here
is the wiki for Vaadin 7 where there are a few articles about extensions, javascript, …
I’m guessing that you’re extension would look through the table’s divs using Javascript and then would, probably also using Javascript, add some custom raw Html to it…

Tried to set the html directly as a String to the Tree?

Yep! It doesn’t work!

Thanks for the suggestion, not I sure I want to start messing with Javascript.

I think it would be easy to implement so I’ll wait in case you feel like doing it, unless somebody comes with an easy approach! :slight_smile: