HowTo switch Tab while entering the Application?

I have a small VaadinApplication with a Page containing 2 Tabs. I am trying to open a special Tab while entering the Application with a parameterized URL Link. Setting the SessionVariables is working korrekt. And while in the Method (setParameters) i am changing the TabContent to the second Tab as described in the Vaadin14 Tabs Docs.
But the Tab won´t change and shows the first Tab.

Any Ideas?

I just realized that other Components also won´t make an update. There are also Buttons which are enabled and disabled. This is not shown the Browser - even after changing the Tab manually. But the TextFields having content after the Jump into the Application… Very strange…

can you provide a minimal reproducible example?

I can share a bit of code - but the whole Application? Which piece of code might be interesting?

the view

Btw. a minimal reproducible example is not the whole application. If you run into problems it’s always a good idea to go to and create a minimal example to reproduce your problem.