How would you approach designing a data intensive properties dialog box?

hi, assume that you have a dialog box that has like a read only label, a text field, 3 combo boxes, a numeric field, a radio button, more text field.
if i try to create this in a vaadin, it’s already takes up half the screen real-estate (even with compaq themes) so i’m trying to wonder what are the paradims for doing this in a web format.

Buying a bigger screen might help.

Jokes aside

This doesn’t sound like much fields; how does it currently look? I would go with form layout and e.g. a 3 by x field layout.

would you still use a dialog box?
because i was leaning towards more a Visual Studio approach, where you have a propery pane which changes based on what element you choose (because the general layout would be of a map with different elements on it)

Both approaches are good. I like Dialogs because they can be resized or moved