How to Vaadinize GWT FormPanel

The ability to integrate a GWT FormPanel into a Vaadin application would solve the biggest hurdle for me in using Vaadin effectively for my applications.

I keep reading that a couple of people writing that integrating GWT widgets into is “very easy” and I’ve tried unsuccessfully before. Now I am trying again.

I defined a new Vaadin widget in eclipse called HTTPForm extending AbstractComponent and its @ClientWidget is VHTTPForm. I had VHTTPForm extend Since FormPanel is a simple panel, I would have the user supply the complex panel onto which addWidget would work.

And I am sitting here wondering … hmmm …
Should I have a method addField in HTTPForm and so how do I translate that to addWidget in VHTTPForm.

Then, I thought, may be I should cannibalize and plagiarize the code from com.vaadin.ui.Form and I could use FieldFactories. I just did and hmm … this code is really complex. I have no idea what it does. So how would a field factory translate itself into addWidget onto the FormPanel. How do I pass a message to VHTTPForm to add a widget due to a field?

Essentially, I need to understand how to perform communication between Component (that I could place on a Vaadin Application or Window) and its ClientWidget so that at the end of the day (or week or year if the endeavour is that difficult), I have a component in my application which I could click on a submit button, and the form sends the information as http request parameters to an application outside of my control.

How shall I proceed in this quest? What should I do to get HTTPForm fields to tell VHTTPForm to addWidget.
What is the best and most efficient way to read up on component-to-ClientWidget communication? Do I have to attend some sort of class (I meant classroom/elearning class)?