how to use upload component in the traditional way

hello vaadiners :slight_smile:

I would like to use the upload component if it would be part of a traditional html fom

I have a task list where you can add comments on every task, and besides the textual part each comment can have a file attached/uploaded

so basically I would like to have a form with to fields

  • text comment ( a textarea)

  • attachment ( a file upload field)

  • and the send button of course

  • text comment is required , but attachment is optional , so when 1 click on the send button, itt adds the text comment to the task and starts uploading the file (if there is a file selected)

How to do that with vaadin???

in tradiitonal htm it would be easy: just a form with a textarea , and a file field ,and of course with a button to submit the form
but I couldnt find a way to achieve the same in vaadn

So how to do this in vaadni??

  • is there a way to hide the components upload button, and instead start to upload the selected file only if I click on a button??
  • do I have to extend a the upload component OR do I have to write my own from scratch??

Anyway Please help

Thanks in advance


really nobody can help me?

or may be I posted it in a wrong category?

Answered to the same question on the other thread:

Please don’t post the same issue twice into multiple categories. We do follow all categories very regularly, but we might a bit too busy at times to answer topics within a couple of days. Just give it a day or more, and you’ll usually get an answer. If not, just bump the same thread as you did with this one.