How to use RHOCONNECT with vaadin??

Hello Vaadin Experts,

RhoConnect handles all of the work of connecting to enterprise backend applications.The EASIEST way to integrate with enterprise applications, I want to use Rhoconnect in my vaadin application. Can any one tell me how to implement it in my application. For more information about RHOCONNECT

Please help me if any one implemented it. or is there any way to do such kind of things


PLease reply

I’ve never heard of the product. I’ve just looked at the links you pointed at; it seems that RhoConnect is for connecting the RhoServer to a java back end, whereas it seems to me that you want to develop a new RhoClient or use the Rhodes framework (presumably exibited via a webservice) to retrieve data into Vaadin; you’ll want to be developing some kind of Container adapter, in Vaddin terms, I think.

In short, you’re going to need a lot of Rho/Rhodes knowledge and a moderate amount of Vaadin knowledge. Here’s the right place for the latter, and (I hazard a guess), the wrong place for the former.