How to upload file in encrypted format using vaadin upload component???

I want to upload file in encrypted format but dont know where exactly i should write the code. please guide me
Thanks in advance.

The rather standard way to secure client-server communications is to use HTTPS (SSL/TLS). It encrypts all communications at low level, not just for some specific ones. It’s not tied to Vaadin, but enabled in the server, so you should see the server documentation for its configuration.

Other kind of encryption can not really be hooked into the Upload component, as it sends the data directly to the server without possibility to process it on the client-side. You’d need to load the file first to a client-side module that encrypts it and sends it to the server. That would be similar to what
does for images (it allows scaling and rotating them before sending to server).

Thank You… I have done it any way… I thought it might be useful to encrypt the file at client side as there is no point sending plain file over the network and then encrypt it on the server side. Using HTTPS was also an option but I thought it would be great if i can do it with vaadin upload component.

Thaks once again…