How to update a Vaadin project in NetBeans?

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a legacy project with NetBeans that uses Vaadin 6.6.0. In a few pages some graphs are produced with Invient Charts 0.8.4; this has always been a source of problems and recently it simply stopped rendering the charts. Thus I’d like to try a more recent version of Invient Charts to see if it is more stable. But to di this I need also a more recent version of Vaadin.

So the question is how do I update/upgrade a project in NetBeans to, say, Vaadin 6.8.0 with Invient Charts 1.1.2?

Thank you.

Depends on what type of Project you uses ( Netbeans + Maven or Native Netbeans Project ) .

  1. Netbeans Natvice Project, simply download the vaadin-charts ( and dependencies ) to your Lib folder, remove invient-charts.jar, start porting your code…
  2. Netbeans + Maven simply change the reference of invient-charts to the vaadin-charts artifact , and start porting your code.

But either way, I recently undertook the same exercise and while it is relatively straight forward to port the Invient Charts to Vaadin charts , it was still quite a bit of work.

Thank you Petrus. I’ve just replaced the jar files and it goes smooth. I now have Vaadin 6.8.12 and Invient Charts 0.8.6, but I still get not charts redered in the web pages. I’ll probably have to try Vaadin Charts as you say, but it looks indeed to be quite a deal of work.


Invient Charts update:

  1. make sure you load the highcharts java script file and all its modules .
    Use Firebug on Firefox to check that the browser did the highcharts.js request successfully.
  2. make sure you recompile your widgetset.
    there should be an ant target to compile the widgetset.