How to track cursor (focus cell changes) in Grid (V8)?

I understand I can use an ItemClickListener to react to a user clicking on a cell, but how can I know if the current focus cell has changes as a result of a key press? Is there an event and how to handle it? Or at least identify a row change (without involving selection). This is a quite usual need if you implement a master-detail inerface that when the user moves over rows, change a detail panel (for example a preview).

I have not yet studied this in detail with Vaadin 8 context, but I think it works the same way as Vaadin 7 Grid, the changes in client side are not yet big. We have clientside extension add-on for Vaadin 7, that does exactly this, and sort of “nsaty” tricks are involved, since some of the things needed do not have public APIs.!addon/gridfastnavigation-add-on

Hi Tatu,
Thank you very much for your reply. I was looking for a solution
without changing and recompiling the client side
(GWT?). This also because I use Netbeans and honestly I never found clear instructions on how to change client side or recompile under this platform (
I really wish I could!
). I understand that sending a message to the host whenever the focus cell changes can be a prohibitive overhead in many cases, but the grid could have an option to respond or not to a keypress or still better only communicate if an event handler is attached.

Yes, one of the motivations behind the add-on has been to provide these facilities.