How to test CSS/Sass design? (Noob question)

Hello there. Being a web designer, I’m completely new to Vaadin and Java. My task is to create the basic structure and design of a dashboard. The programmers will then implement the functionality afterwards. I have already created the structure of a custom theme using Vaadin Visual Designer. As there are no options in the Visual Designer yet for things like background-color or border-styles, I have to manipulate the reindeer-theme to change the scss/css. Is it possible to test how the application would look like in a browser, in order to actually see the effect of the changes I make to the css? Thanks in advance.

You need to set up the server as described
here in the Book
and then run the project, as described in the next section.

You should not make CSS changes directly in the reindeer theme, but in a project theme, which is created automatically when you create a Vaadin 7 project in Eclipse. The WebContent/VAADIN/yourproject/styles.scss (and any of its includes) is compiled on-the-fly to CSS when you run (deploy) the application in the server launched in Eclipse.

Thank you very much, that pushed me into the right direction. I shouldn’t have skipped the first chapters of the book of vaadin in the first place.

Hello respected experts. I am also beginner web designer at [Branex]
(, I have a question from you that would you like to guide about CSS files minification. It is possible to improve the website speed without doing CSS minification.

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( company we have not only graphics designers but have coding experts too that are working on numerous Saas projects if you need to outsource anything we are here to help. Back to your question, If your web project is not live you can use dreamweaver to test CSS and W3Cvalidation for CSS code validation like Marko said you should not make CSS changes directly if the project is live it can cause trouble do read the book that Marko recommended.

Mark Smith:
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HI there,

This is Jessica from USA. I work as a junior web designer at Unified Infotech, a [new york based web design company]
( I have been working here since 2018. I am new in this forum. My question is that is it idea to remove unnecessary CSS from the website for improving page speed?

Jessica Bennett:
My question is that is it idea to remove unnecessary CSS from the website for improving page speed?

Hi Jessica,

Yes. Less is more in this case.