How to test a vaadin UI component without restarting server?

Hi, I am now creating some customized components for our project using Vaadin. Each time I made some changes I have to recompile and redeploy or restart the server to see how it looks like.
Is there any easy way to test the component without restarting the server and just mock some data to test the component?

I’m not sure if I understand your question, do you want to test manually your component or test it automatically (Junit) ?
To test it manually, you can use JRebel.
I tried some other stuffs but it didn’t work, if you use spring boot there are some solution here

If you use Vaadin Designer then you don’t need to start a server (but it does not work if you have custom component).

I’m pretty sure there are some other solution.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am not using vaddin designer. I just want to see how my component looks like without restarting the server. Our product launchs many service when restarting the server which is not required for my component.

JRebel is an excellent option.

You can also use the IDE’s hot deployment feature which lets you modify classes without having to recompile the whole application. Depending on the IDE and server you are using, you need to set it up differently but [this article for Tomcat]
( or [this one for Jetty]
( should help. IntelliJ also [supports this feature]