How to style vaadin-combo-box ?

I have a problem with vaadin-combo-box.
private ZComboBox<String, String> comboBox;

public PartView() {
        comboBox = new ZComboBox<>();
        comboBox.setTitle("Сэлбэг хайх");
        comboBox.setComboFirstText("Автомашины үйлдвэрлэгч сонгох");
        comboBox.setComboLastText("Сэлбэгийн ангилал сонгох");

And i need to style it with some css. But external css can’t access shadow DOM. Any advice ?

Hi Betgerel,

have you checked 1. Style Scopes · vaadin/vaadin-themable-mixin Wiki · GitHub

It explains the difference between global and local style scope and how to handle it. Moreover it tells you about custom CSS properties you can use to customize your combo-box.


Hi Paul i checked this and i am done my work thank you.

Nice, glad I could help you!