How to style individual item in a Combobox?


I have a Combobox with a list of resources.
Each resource can be available or unavailable.

Into my select, the item for a unavailable resource must have a specific background-color.
Is it possible? I dont see a ItemStyleGenerator or something similar.

Thank you for your answer

Have a look at this Link:!/thread/184874

It’s currently not possible but you could extend the client side of VFilterSelect and add the ItemStyleGenerator functionality.

4 years ago… well…

Thank you for you answer!

Yes but to be honest i didn’t look if there is a ticket on that topic. Maybe they even resolved it already but withot the ItemStyleGenerator (I doubt it though)

I also answered a similar question a year ago but in german (for reference:!/thread/3673549/3674225
). The OP then came to the “solution” to split his combobox into 2 comboboxes which worked in his case. In your case maybe even a Javascript extension would work which iterates over the tr nodes inside the comobox and sets a class name like: cbnode1, cbnode2, … Then it should be possible to style these nodes using css.

This really is an issue that should’ve been fixed ages ago. And it looks like there’s not a ticket about it even. Created one now, you can go and voice your interest there (or vote for it even if you have a support subscription):