how to show default progress indicator?

I have some table (long table). while scrolling the table appears delayed. I can to catch showing the announce/hideScrollPosition and to set the indicator manually. That is easy.

ok, next.
I whant to show the progress indicator for painting the table/adding rows. because in the long table I have 1-5 sec delay for painting the table and I whant to say “processing” by inserting an indicator.

I can to catch some event for adding rows and show the indicator manually… I tried several times, but my attempts to install the indicator were not successful.

Can you halp me?
thank you

I whant this indicator on replace components too. For example, on replace text to table. I tried to insert and remove the indicator when rendering cells, but it did not give the desired result.

I added the indicator.

1 create div with indicator style
2! wait (for example - 10 mills)
3 add component (browser is busy, indicator is visible)
4 remove indicator