How to set value in Viritin's TypedSelect - only see selectFirst()

Hi everybody,
following the invoice example for Viritin AddOn, I would like to model a n:1 relationship
For example, if I have something like this:

class A {
String aName;
B b;

class B {
String bName;

class AForm extends AbstractForm {

TextField name = new MTextField(“Name”);
TypedSelect b = new TypedSelec(“B”);

[/code]Then I’ll see correct binding of name, if I do setEntity with an Object of class A. Merely the TypedSelect is not automatically set to the Value from b. How can I set the according value from b in TypedValue ? The only option I see is to do a ‘ts.selectFirst()’ .
Do I just not see the possibility to set the selected value ?
Or do I have to extend TypedSelect and write my own method, that uses getSelect().setValue(…) ?

Hi again,
one update here: the TypedSelect field is set to the correct object ‘B’, the property data source contains also a string representation of B, but the combo box is empty, so the value is not displayed. I do not understand, why this is not shown.

This has already been reported:

Thanks !
Interestingly in the invoice example TypedSelect seems to show values correctly.