How to (selectively) opt out of Lumo?

Hey, is there a way to use vaadin web components and not have the lumo styling applied? When I put @NoTheme in the AppShellConfigurator, app looks (partially) unstyled in the browser. However, when I inspect the code in the web components, there’s still the lumo styling applied.

Hi, are you using the themes folder? If so, there will be Lumo color and typography modules included.
With @NoTheme or Material theme, CSS files should be imported using @CssImport

Both, I guess; the per-component css is done via @CssImport and we have some styles in the frontend/themes folder

Do you mean, if any css file is in that folder (without some explicit configuration), these modules are included?

nah, the theme folder is irrelevant unless you explicitly load it with @Theme("foldername").

And if you use @NoTheme, Flow should not load any default Lumo modules either.

Could you give some examples of Lumo styles that you see are loaded?

Ah, actually, if you generated your app with Vaadin Start, it uses the experimental vcf-nav component for the navigation list on the left, and THAT always seems to load some Lumo styles. Presumably this is because it doesn’t have a “themeless” implementation. (That will be fixed when the component becomes a real Vaadin component.)