How to rotate label text?

In vaadin 8 we could rotate the text of a label with this css rule: transform: rotate(270deg);
I did try the same in vaadin 23, but the text of the label is not rotated.
Any ideas how to do this?
This does nothing with the text, perhaps because it’s not a standard html element?

This text should be rotated by 90degree

Not a solution, just a warning: Label should not be used to display text without direct reference to an input field since V10 - you should consider any other element like Paragraph, Span, Div or even Text

btw, you don’t need any of the browser-prefixed versions of the transform property (e.g. -webkit-transform). The standard property works in all the supported browsers.

<label> is display: inline by default, and transforms won’t apply for inline elements. Add display: inline-block and it should work.

Vaadin 8 probably added that already in the built-in theme

Ok, thanks. Noted and will rework my migrated code in that case

That did the trick, thanks