How to resize Vaadin theme library

Hi all,

I wonder how I can to resize Vaadin theme library, I noticed this library is taking around 7.2Mb (“What a big package!”).

Is there any way to only include the Reindeer theme and remove other themes not used, for example (Valo, Chamelon, Liferay, etc.) from the dependency?

My goal is saivng space required by my fat JAR. At the same time Vaadin could me smarter allowing the user import themes as single modules.

Let me know.

The size only affects the size of the WAR file you deploy, nothing else. End-users do not download all of it, only what they actually use (a single theme). That said, JAR files are ZIP packages, so you can quite easily modify the file by renaming, unzipping, deleting, zipping, and renaming back to JAR. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas, what you said it is true.

But my point is to keep a small WAR or Fat JAR, having the specific theme in the libraries.

I suppose we could re-package the themes, but honestly, I think it’s a non-issue for most of our users. If you want, you can file an enhancement ticket at
, which will make it’s way to the Product Owner of the framework. I can let him know about it to make sure you get an official reply (I don’t work in the Framework team, I’m a consultant).