How to render multi column tree view?

Hi All,

I have a question for rendering multi column tree control. As per the current implementation only one column is visible in tree node.

My requirement is actually to show many columns inside a tree control.

For example, imagine i am rendering folder and file system as a tree view.

First column - Folder / File name
Second column - Type (either folder / file extension)
Third column - Size of the folder / file

This is my requirement.

Could any one help me?


So you basically need a TreeTable component, which we currently don’t have in the core framework.

One of our developers has, though, created this very component for one of our client projects. I think it was mentioned on the forums a while ago, but I can’t seem to find it now. You can ask
for more info on the TreeTable component, see if he’s willing to share it.

Yes, indeed, I have made a version of TreeTable that seems to work, but it’s very pre-barely-but-yet-not-really-even-alpha, so its quality is humiliating, at best.

The problem with the component is that it’s not properly licensed yet, so I can’t publish any source code. It’s probably going to be Apache 2.0 licensed, but the details are as of yet unconfirmed. I’ll try to remember and come back to it, once it is up. But there will probably be some kind of general mention in some thread, once it actually is up. It’ll most probably be in the svn’s incubator. But, as said, details are unconfirmed, so stay tuned for more information, once everything’s settled.


for me the TreeTable-component is the most important component that is still missing from the toolkit. I noticed from community web site that it is part of IT Mill Sponsored Backlog.

Do you have any estimate on when this component will be part of the toolkit?

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Good news, it’s going to be Apache 2.0 licensed. Hope Henrik has some spare time to share his code at soon…

Henrik, come on, it is not that bad of an component :slight_smile: For simpler cases it might work just fine. But yes, everyone should perform thorough testing before pushing Henrik’s TreeTable to production.

Before the hype settles in, let me remind you that the component isn’t an official IT Mill Toolkit component, but just some scribble I’ve done. It’s a hack, and isn’t as high-quality as the official components.

That said, it seems to work sufficiently well, and doesn’t have too many bugs.

About that time-thing, I still won’t make any promises. Jani, how about you packaging it? :wink:

I wrote a small ‘release note’ about the TreeTable
in another thread