How to remove Vaadin provided error pages?

I have my custom error pages written and i disabled the Spring Boot provided pages, but Vaadin shows me its ones. How can i remove them?

Vaadin let’s you define your error pages like so

but can i completely remove vaadin provided ones?

Or ill say it by other way. I have a kind of big project and i use Vaadin for 1 package out of 11(its for Web Chat). And can i configure Vaadin to let it work just on that 1 package, not on my full entire project?

Vaadin is like taking on its own error pages and other components of project which are written by myself

I’m personally not sure - I normally don’t mix technologies within one spring boot application. But you could try using vaadin.urlMapping = /my-subpath/* to define where Vaadin’s UI should be deployed into

So if i have this packages i should use it like this?

vaadin.urlMapping = /message/*

I tried this and now Spring Boot completely doesnt see Vaadin) Including endpoint for webchat

You mean once you go to /message/chat Vaadin doesn’t show up?

once i go to localhost:2402/chat

what is written in class , which is in message package

Well chat is gone :wink: it’s now below /message

but like how

i have @927883659720155196 annotation

Because you specified the urlmapping to be below /message

ah that how it works

So i have somewhere class with

and i have property
vaadin.urlMapping = /message/*

So my chat endpoint will be on

I don’t know of any Vaadin annotation called Root

My bad,