How to remove default progress indicator?


I’m newbie with Vaadin and been very impressed on how little effort is required for making juicy looking web apps. There are few problems that I’ve not been able to find answer so I hope someone more experienced Vaadin user could help me with these.

I’ve made a my own modal progress dialog to my Vaadin app and I would like it to be the only progress indicator visible in the app. At the moment when I call some web services that take a long time to run, during the service call Vaadin’s default progress indicator appears to the upper right corner of the main window. Is there a way to disable this default progress indicator?

I’m using Vaadin version 6.5.4

Thanks in advance!

I added the following piece of code to my styles.css:

.v-loading-indicator,.v-loading-indicator-delay,.v-loading-indicator-wait {
	width: 0%;
	height: 0%;

But I’m sure there must be a better way. I guess you can use this meanwhile?

Thanks a lot! It did just what I wanted.

Actually occasionally this problem still exists. Only the first phase loading indicator (white one) is shown in the upper right corner so this problem has been half fixed.

Setting size of the loading indicator element worked as good as

.v-loading-indicator,.v-loading-indicator-delay,.v-loading-indicator-wait {
	display: none;

but problem seems to be that ApplicationConnection.showLoadingIndicator() overrides this display style attribute to
display: block
. I don’t understand why that your solution of setting the size of this loading indicator doesn’t work though because it’s not overriden by ApplicationConnection? I wonder if this is even possible to be done in css…

Found style attribute settings that work. Add following to your .css and default indicator is hidden

.v-loading-indicator,.v-loading-indicator-delay,.v-loading-indicator-wait {
    opacity: .0;
    #alpha settings are for IE
    -ms-filter: alpha(opacity=0); 
    filter: alpha(opacity=0);

That doesn’t look like the right way to resolve this problem. In my opinion
display: none
in attribute setting should hide the loading indicator.

In practice ApplicationConnection.isLoadingIndicatorVisible() should be called before appending load indicator element into DOM or something.

I’ve done some massive modifications on css-level and figured how to get rid of default progress indicator for good.

Add this to your css:

.v-loading-indicator-wait {
	background: none;

Although the above CSS changes work, it should be possible to enable/disable the complete ‘loadingIndicator’ code. There are alot of timers running for the indicator, even when the visibility is disabled via CSS. I think we need a method like: ApplicationConnection.setLoadingIndicatorEnabled(boolean)

I definitely agree.

If you want this, please
create an enhancement request
for it.

Note that you would still have to be able to call the method in the client side class ApplicationConnection if it would be implemented there, so maybe a more general enhancement request for this would be more useful.

I added a ticket: