how to refresh ProgressBar in any event of the Upload progress

I am uloading using com.vaadin.ui.Upload; a file that after is upload in the

public void uploadFinished(Upload.FinishedEvent finishedEvent

I process the content as CSV file and post the data into a REST Service, this part of the process is takes much more time than the upload itself, in the upoad process of the file the progresbar is update but I am not able to update and show progress from any other event, I use the same code :


    public void updateProgress(final long readBytes, final long contentLength) {

        // this method gets called several times during the update

        progressBar.setValue(readBytes / (float) contentLength);

        textualProgress.setValue("Processed " + readBytes + " bytes of " + contentLength);

[/code]that I use in the updateProgress in the uploadFinished, but not changes are show in info window.


        public void uploadFinished(Upload.FinishedEvent finishedEvent) {


              textualProgress.setValue("Processe FINISH " + 888888 + " bytes of " + 222222);
/// this change is not refresh into the info's window

          try {

            /* Let's build a container from the CSV File */
            FileReader reader = new FileReader(tempFile);
            List<FSData> listFSData = buildContainerFromCSV(reader);
            int i = 0;




How can I get a progress indicator that is show the progress when postToREST(listFSData) is running?