how to read/write xml file or CLOB

hello to everyone,

I would like to do the following:

  • read an xml file ( with full of comments) from the filesystem or from a jdbc database ( CLOB)
  • display the comments from
  • and when the user adds another comment modify the xml file (append the new comment to it)
  • and save the xml back to the file or CLOB
  • and of course refresh the comment list ( reread and reparse xml)

Is there, for example an xml container in vaadin, or I have to find another way to do this?

Maybe its not so vaadin related , but i am a bit stucked

I have past experience with flash (actionscript ) and php (simplexml) xml processing and I would like to find a similar way to do this in java :slight_smile:

Maybe its trivial, but I am quiet new to java

Thanks for your help and patience :slight_smile:

Maybe you already found a solution for this, but as Vaadin applications are Java nothing special here.
Here are some samples:

There is a sample for reading from a JDBC database in Java. You should use the DOM parser as you want to modify the document. Also,
google for java+xml+dom
to find more samples.