How to read the container data and visualize in vaadin?

I am working on a project to visualize the data through a vaadin UI. I have a project1 developed in eclipse IDE which reads the text data and stores in a property_container of a third party software. This whole process is made of a spring Project.

for ref : portPropertyContainer.setString(PROPERTY_End_Time, sp[7]
// in the above code i am setting the value into a container

Now i am trying to develop a Maven Java Vaadin project having a UI to visulaize the process. In order to visulaize i need to call the container data which is stored in project1 which is of type spring.
How can i bind two projects and get the property container data from an another project1 and visulaize it in my Project2 ?
Any information regarding the same or guidance would be very helpful. Thank you.