How to proper decode the file name within upload component?

Hi I have the upload component in Vaadin23 and displaying some status messages for the files. If the file contains umlauts or other characters I get a wrong filename back e.g. from startedListener.

Example: böser_bär.xls becomes böser_bär.xls

How can I fix this?

Thanks and Best Regards

I think this depends on your used container. With Spring Boot 3 + Tomcat + Vaadin 24 it works exactly as expected (Umlaute)

Mhh ok I am using a Wildfly 21.x. Will check the settings there.

Update: with vm option -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 it is working as expected.

Be aware that this might affect more than you want. It sets the default for everything. As an example: We produce pdf reports with a really old tool, and when we changed default file-encoding to UTF-8 it output each byte as a separate character.