How to prevent web spiders from indexing your app?

I uploaded my maven web vaadin 7 application onto OpenShift running on Wildfly. My web application is not complete yet so I don’t want anyone to know about it. I don’t want them to be able to google it. I don’t want the web spiders to index it.

How can I prevent web spiders from indexing my web application please?


Does your Vaadin application especially support indexing? There’s not much to index if it doesn’t.

Normally, you can prevent indexing by having a ROBOTS.TXT with proper patterns in the server. You’d need to find out how to enable that in the server you’re using. It’s not Vaadin-specific.

I suppose you could also have some indexing prevention in the servlet, by extending the VaadinServlet and filtering out requests from crawlers.
With Google you can filter them
by User-Agent with “Googlebot” in the string.

Can I write out meta tags within Vaadin like below? If so how please?