How to obtain Eclipse plugin behind a closed corporate intranet?


Is there any way to manually download and install the Vaadin Eclipse plugin? My development environment is sitting in a closed corporate intranet environment, so I am unable to utilize the update site. I’ve tried looking in the Eclipse plugin section but I couldn’t find any manual download link.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, if you know the proxy you are behind … Then in Eclipse ( I am using galileo SR2)…
Window…Preferences (opens the preferences dialog)…General…Network Connections… Select HTTP for example and click Edit… Enter your Host and Port…Click OK… I then have to set Active Provider to Manual. After that it should work. If you dont know your proxy, Firefox or IE will normally show you it from the connection settings.
After setting the proxy in Eclipse it should work from the update site.

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Hi, I can’t use this solution because there is totally no internet access in the development/staging/production environment. We use separate computers on an entirely separate network for internet access. The internet-connected network is isolated from the development/staging/production networks.

There is
this ticket
about packaging the plugin for off-line installation. However, while it is targeted for Eclipse plugin 1.3, no date is set for it at the moment.

If you are willing to try do download the plugin by hand and tweak with its configuration files to get it installed locally, see
. I have not tried this.

The feature JAR contains a file that might need some editing.

Would it be enough to copy everything named com.vaadin.* from features (2 folders) and plugins (2 jars) from a eclipse installation that has the plugin installed, to the eclipse installation from where you wish to use the plugin?

One solution to this is to create a complete Eclipse installation outside the corporate intranet and then just copy the complete /eclipse folder.

But it looks like the Vaadin wizards also to take for granted that there’s an internet connection and therefore its impossible to create new Vaadin projects or add the Vaadin facets to an existing projects in Eclipse using the Wizards in the plugin.

I thought that I had found a work around for this by just copying the latest vaadin and GWT jars into the /WEB-INF/lib folder of an “Dynamic Web Project” and then add the Vaadin facet to the project. The wizard for adding the Vaadin facet seemed to find the vadin.jar so I was able to select it in the wizard but sadly the wizard tried to contact anyway :frowning:

Is there maybe a way to prevent the plugin trying to fetch stuff or verify version using the internet?

There is now a
stand-alone package
of the Vaadin Eclipse plugin (with one version of Vaadin included) in the directory.

A network connection is needed when explicitly changing the Vaadin version (via Project Properties → Vaadin) in a project to one that is not in the local cache, to fetch the correct GWT JARs for the Vaadin version if they are not in the local cache, and when creating a new project without any Vaadin version in the cache.

Ok, that’s great! I was also able to get my /eclipse copy to work after locating the folder where the Vaadin plugin keeps its donwloaded files.

  1. Locate the /eclipse/configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download/ folder
  2. Create a “2.1.1” folder in the /download/gwt-dev folder
  3. Create a “2.1.1” folder in the /download/gwt-user folder
  4. Create a “6.5.1” folder in the /download/vaadin folder
  5. Copy gwt-dev.jar from GWT 2.1.1 to the new /gwt-dev/2.1.1/ folder
  6. Copy gwt-user.jar from GWT 2.1.1 to the new /gwt-user/2.1.1/ folder
  7. Copy vaadin-6.5.1.jar to the new /vaadin/6.5.1/ folder

After this I was able to add Vaadin facets to existing web projects and also create new Vaadin project through the new Vaadin project wizard.

Since the Vaadin download folder is located inside the /eclipse folder I could probably have skipped the 7 steps by just creating a small dummy Vaadin project in Eclipse before copying the /eclipse folder.

How to create Vaadin project when we have no internet access for sometime? is there any way to create vaadin project when we are offline