How to make the table header invisible

I have a requirement where i need to display patients schedule details in tabular form. But I should not display the table column headers instead I will have a panel with some navigation arrows and a date field where in i have to display the patients data according to some navigation rules. And also each table row should expand when user selects a row displaying additional information about that pirticular patient.

Is it possible to display a table without table column headers, and with expandable table rows in Vaadin. I am quite new to vaadin so any help is greatly appreceated.

Regards Ajay


Table.setColumnHeaderMode(Table.COLUMN_HEADER_MODE_HIDDEN); is what you are looking for.

Thanks Jens Jansson

That tip did the trick for me. Now what about expandable table rows. Attached a screen shot of the requirement.
Will vaadin allow expandable table rows.

It should work. You will probably have layouts in your container to contain all does components in that mockup. See what happens when you modify the content of those layouts on a valuechange.

Note that variable row heights in tables are not supported (due to scrolling and lazy loading requirements) unless you set up the whole table to be loaded to the client immediately. If the data set is even moderately large, this can cause performance issues (both in data fetching and in rendering the table with many components).

It might make sense to use e.g. a CssLayout of CssLayouts here instead of a Table, although then there is no lazy loading by the system so large datasets become problematic.