How to make a "flat" button (or a link button with no underline)?

It seems the only way to create a button that is “flat” is to give it the “link” style, but I haven’t found a way to override the drawing behavior of a link button so that the caption isn’t underlined. Am I missing some other approach, or would it have to be some special combination of CSS that I need to create to make the flat looking button?

Alternatively, is there some way with mouse events to make a label that is clickable?


I used the advice to use a NativeButton, as it is easier to style according to the wiki page on CSS tips.

Here is the CSS I used to make buttons behave like menu items, after first setting the style of the parent layout object to be “dropDownMenu”.

.dropDownMenu .v-nativebutton {
	display: list-item; 
	border: none;
    text-align: left;
    background: none;
    padding: 2;

.dropDownMenu .v-nativebutton span {
	text-decoration: none;

.dropDownMenu .v-nativebutton:HOVER {
    background: highlight;
    color: highlighttext;

I used this in conjunction with the PopupButton to simulate a button that drops a menu down. I didn’t like the default of the components looking like regular buttons.