How to make a Blinking scrollbar in Panel


    I'm using Vaadin 6.8.4 and in my project  and  i dynamically update the panel with the image content . But i need Scrollbar to blink so that the user will know the image is updated  dynamically . Please give some suggestion .

Thank you .

Scrollbars are managed by the browsers and modifying their normal is not generally supported by the browser (or support is limited and varies between browsers). I have never heard of a blinking on a scrollbar generated by the browser, or any other custom logic either. If you need to do have something like that, you have to implement custom scrolling as well. However, when you see custom scrollbars on the web, they usually do more harm than good. You have to then handle manually, clicking on scrollbuttons, keyboard scroll supprt, dragging, mouse wheel etc. etc. and it is very seldom that all of these are supported in a good manner. I think Google+ is the only place where I have seen a custom scroll bar that works well.